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Welcome to Garden Birds South Africa. It is our hope that through these pages a community will be created of people passionate about birds and especially the birds in their gardens.

By selecting the above links you will find information about bird identification, how to watch birds, how to prepare your gardens for birds and useful books and web pages.

You are also given the opportunity to submit your garden lists. So if you have not compiled a garden list as yet, why not start today and after a few weeks submit your list. You can always update it at a later stage.

Please study these pages and above all participate by providing comments and suggesting improvements.

       A common garden bird - Crested Barbet (Simon Du Plessis)

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The Garden Birds of South Africa website was Officially launched on 10 October 2006.

Please have a look at the Observations page where interesting stories and photos from garden birdwatchers have been posted.

Want to know how many birds have been listed thus far, what species are the most common - then please have a look at the Results page.


To foster an interest, love and appreciation for the birds in our gardens

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Please consider sending us your garden list and in so doing contributing to our knowledge about the birds in our gardens. Download the MS Word document and after entering all the information, email the digital file to gardenlist@gardenbirds.co.za

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